20 Pesos Challenge #Success 

Before anything else…


So for 2 months I was able to keep Php 20,640. All from the 20 pesos bills I receive.

And this is on top of the portion I take out of my paycheck and earnings and straight to the bank.

It’s pretty easy! 

All your 20 pesos bill is considered SOLD

So for example I bought a cola for 10 pesos and I paid 100. And the given change was four 20s and a 10 peso coin. So technically my cola cost 90 pesos. 

Here are my tips and heads up if you also want to try this out.

  1. Discipline is the key. The first time I was very tempted to pay my 20 bill when the only next bill I have is 200 pesos. And that would be more 20 peso bill for me to keep. And a lot less cash for me in the next few days.
  2. Get a piggy bank that is hard to open. Since these were all 20 pesos bills it is pretty easy to sneak out some cash.  Mine needed a can opener just to open. 
  3. You save when you buy. So you have to do this as strategically as possible. When you can spend, make sure you receive 20 bills as well. 
  4. Do not hesitate to ask. I’ve asked multiple people not to give me 20 pesos bill and have asked them to do so. If you’re as talkative as me you can share to them that you are in this challenge blah blah blah… Hahaha
  5. It is still your money. This is what I almost forgot when I was having such a hard time. Re: So feel great about it!
  6. Do not count. Just don’t. The moment of surprise is epic. You never know how much you can save when you start to control your expenses.

Most of my tips were mostly when you’re having a hard time. But honestly, it was reallllyyy hard. Challenging talagaaa!!!  There were days I’m telling myself that I already have a good amount of percentage cut in my earnings to keep in a bank, why do I have to stop myself buying a good starbucks coffee for a stressful day? 

But now I realize that if only I was saving strategically my everyday budget, I can save a lot more 🙂


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